Cases: Agency-Focused Platform

Customizable, Flexible, On-Demand
Client Management

Focus, Insight & Real-Time Data

Cases is CourtFact’s web-based software platform specifically designed for courts and agencies that takes on the challenges of managing the participant as an individual instead of as a case number. Separated into individual features called modules, the simple-to-use interface can be customized with specific parameters unique to each agency that empowers each case manager to control many details all the way down to the participant level.

With its flexibility of use, CourtFact allows agency staff to use only those features that would most benefit each participant which eliminates confusion and allows a compliance monitoring protocol that can be uniquely designed for the best outcomes for each participant.

With simple real-time graphical output of compliance for different feature modules, the dashboard allows a quick snapshot of how many participants need your attention now, and how many can be prioritized for later follow up. The straightforward participant listing utilizes a red light, green light philosophy that makes prioritizing follow up for each participant easy and quick.

Flexibility with Notifications & Reminders Anywhere, Anytime

Using Push Notifications, SMS Text Messages and E-mails sent to any address, the ability to reach your participants with multiple delivery methods eliminates excuses and increases accountability.

With the ability to remind participants of important events, notify them of financial obligations and even broadcast important mass messages to your entire caseload, the robust notification system gives you means of reaching your entire caseload even if they do not use the CourtFact Client Mobile Application. Now your agency can deliver this important information to participants that were previously difficult to contact and maintain open lines of communication.

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