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Every CourtFact account includes free, unlimited use of the Client Management features for no additional cost, ever.

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Access Client Information On-The-Go, From Any Internet-Connected Device

Whether you are a Court, Agency, Service Provider, or Enterprise Partner, accessibility to all your client data is never more than a browser away.

Since CourtFact does not rely on a user-facing application, or a stripped-down version of the software, users always have unlimited access to every piece of data related to a client.

Using the best of responsive screen viewing design, CourtFact’s developers have built the ability to access, view, and even download information and reports from any device. Whether working from a smartphone in the field, your work computer in the office, or on a laptop while sitting on the couch, CourtFact’s intuitive design and ability to use device-native functions allows for a wide range of access and usability options.

  • During field visits, client notes can be added from a phone or tablet simple by dictating into a note field.
  • Visually document a situation by uploading an image or video file to a client’s document management system.
  • Reference notes, testing results, or monitoring events quickly during off hours from anywhere while your thought is fresh.

Features With Unlimited Usability

Whether you use CourtFact for a specific purpose, or you enjoy multiple features, these functions can be used to support your programs and round out effective client management for no additional cost.

Courts & Agencies
Providers & Partners

Empower Communication With These Extras

CourtFact Client Management is included with any minimum package, but you can enhance your communication reach and ability with clients by adding any of these great features.

Facial ID Biometrics
or less
per client
Features include:
Text & Email Notifications
or less
per message
Features include:
Phone Check-In
or less
per call
Features include:

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Hear From Our Users

"The CourtFact staff know our business models because they are also a provider just like us. That helps more than anything else."

Multi-Facility Drug Testing Program

"I’m very impressed at the ease of use. Your company did a great job setting this up."

Illinois County Probation Officer

"CourtFact has set us apart from our competitors and given us a more professional reputation within our district."

Jenna Richardson
Compass Drug Screening Franchisee, Fort Myers, FL

"CourtFact has been a part of our overall supervision plan, but when COVID-19 hit, CourtFact became essential for ongoing communication with our clients."

Ward Byers
Former Director, Marshall County Communication Corrections, IN

"With open customization on reports, to a simple process on data entry, to easy communication with clients, CourtFact has allowed us to do more at an efficient rate."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

"It is so simple to use that my staff knew how to do most everything before we even attended training"

Illinois County Chief of Probation

"As we transition our company into the next stages of growth and the services we provide, CourtFact gives us not only the ability to do more but also the confidence to do more."

Adam Wells and Kristy Griffin
Criminal Justice Services

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