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Your Head Start to Offering Custom Solutions

CourtFact's Enterprise Partner platform allows businesses of all sizes to offer tailored services and solutions to their channel customers. By breaking out individual customers into their own accounts, Enterprise Partners can allow for a level of customization not offered by any other company.

From modifying system terminology, to customized user roles, our solutions engineers can work with companies of all sizes and across multiple disciplines to find the right fit for each need.

Enterprise Expertise for:

Standard & Available Options

Flexible solutions that can be combined with other CourtFact Functionality.

Branded Software
Branded Apps
Agency Solution
Provider Solution
Custom Integrations
Resell Services
Sales Team

Branded Software

The easiest starting point for an Enterprise Partner is getting off the ground with a custom branded software powered by CourtFact. After logging into CourtFact, your internal and external users will be met by a software interface that looks like it was made for you. By using your company’s logos and colors, CourtFact wraps our robust software in your company wrapper to give your users the best possible experience.

Branded Apps

Take the next step in your branded solution journey with a fully branded suite of products powered by CourtFact. In addition to branded software, CourtFact’s development team will also set your company apart from the competition with branding all external facing systems. Your brand continuity will never see an end to it while users and clients interact with your platform.

Agency Solution

The natively developed Court & Agency Solution is fully accessible to you. From client management tools, to functional, secure communication features for users and clients, Enterprise partners have the ability to diversify their product offering by including the functionality of CourtFact for courts and agencies directly in their own product portfolio.

Provider Solution

Offer more than just an interface for your products or services. With CourtFact’s Provider Solution, you can give your private channel customers their own little corner of your enterprise environment to live, grow and be successful. By offering your customers the ability to access even more tools, you become a trusted partner while you both expand successfully.

Provider Solution

Custom Integrations

Have a great product or service and your software is just “ok” or maybe you need to increase your available potential customer reach? Custom integrations are a specialty of CourtFact. With nearly a dozen integrated solutions and growing, CourtFact has the experience and know-how to take your fantastic product and make it even better.

Custom Integrations

Resell Services

Already have a wide footprint or are you on the cusp of really breaking out? Adding the wide array of native and integrated solutions in CourtFact to your product mix is sure to open more doors than ever before. Priced to you so you can deliver value to your customers, CourtFact is the best add-on you never knew you needed.

Resell Services

Sales Team

No matter if you are a small but nimble startup with a great product, or a large single-solution focused behemoth, the CourtFact sales and marketing team can help you grow and expand. Our sales partnerships allow you and your team to do what you do best, while our sales and marketing team sings your praises as we grow our footprints together.

Sales Team

Unprecedented Scalability
At Your Company's Disposal

Take advantage of some of CourtFact's native functionality and add some of your own to deliver the solutions you and your channel have always wanted.

Look Like a Giant
Without a Giant Cost

Basic Enterprise
per month
Features include:
Standard Enterprise
per user
Features include:
Premiere Enterprise
per month
Features include:

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Estimated cost (/month)

Add optional software branding?

Software Branding removes the CourtFact branding and adds your logo, icon, theme colors, and custom PDF report header graphic.

Premium Branding includes Software Branding and also provides branded login page, and Client Portal and Client Mobile App.


(Includes 1st service month)
A Unique Module Instance is counted as each module (or feature) you add to each client. Example: You assign client John Smith the Events, Reporting, and Check-In modules. That would be 3 Module Instances.

Enter estimated module instances

Each time a text sent or a photo is collected from a client, a data charge is incurred. No charges for Emails sent. Data is optional and can be selected to be used on specific modules and clients.

Total Estimated Monthly Cost

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Hear From Our Users

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"When we needed a more flexible software interface for our staffing and employment services customers, CourtFact delivered a simple drug test collection interface, could integrate with multiple labs, and has potential for delivering data to our customers’ CRM software."

Ryan Stashak
Vice President of Operations, Confirm BioSciences

"Our partnership with CourtFact has allowed us to bring operational efficiencies to our existing customers and has provided a great value-added tool to discuss with new prospective customers."

Kerri Wagner
Chief Revenue Officer, PharmChem, Inc.

"As the primary trainer for new and existing customers, having a platform that eliminates many failure points in the process is a huge asset."

Kim Henderson
Business Development & Sales, PharmChem, Inc.

"It’s great having a solution that can provide an asset to our Service Provider customers that can improve their overall operation."

Jen Rankin
Business Development & Sales, PharmChem, Inc.

"Our company was using various spreadsheets and websites to enter and store information. Now with Courtfact, we are able to keep everything in one place. The transition and data integration has been a smooth process thanks to a user friendly interface and support from the staff."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

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