On-Demand Payment Processing

Convenient, no-fee credit and debit card payments posted immediately to client accounts.

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Stop Losing Money Every Time You Are Being Paid

Processing credit and debit cards can be a hassle, time consuming to audit, and takes money out of your pocket.

Better Payment Processing

Maybe you have credit card processors at each location, and smartphone enabled swipe devices for field staff, AND a virtual terminal for processing credit cards over the phone. Then at the end of the day, you have to balance those transactions from multiple sources against your client management system.

With integrated Payments, those transactions are seamlessly processed with your own merchant account that CourtFact sets up and dedicates to your clients. Payment post to your clients' account immediately, and your books automatically balance since there is no outside system to interfere.

Free Features

With the integrated payment portal directly in the CourtFact CRM software you have the power to take payments anywhere, at any time, on any device, without hardware and you will never have to balance across accounts ever again!

From Application to Collecting Payments in As Little as Three Days



Our team helps you fill out the merchant application, ensuring all information is correct and ready for processing.



We work directly with our processing vendor to handle all approvals, underwriting, and account setup.



Start accepting credit and debit card payments online, over the phone, or automatically immediately after approval.

Low Per Transaction Costs That Make Payment Compliance a Snap

The higher the dollar volume of transactions, the lower the convenience fee is for your clients and payers. Semi-annual reviews ensure we can keep the fees as low as possible.

Small Programs
per transaction
Medium Programs
per transaction
Large Programs
per transaction

Get Started Quickly

Your path to easier payment processing is here! Why lose money simply by collecting payments from clients? Let CourtFact handle the payment processing while you collect 100% of the money owed to you.

Hear From Our Users

"The CourtFact staff know our business models because they are also a provider just like us. That helps more than anything else."

Multi-Facility Drug Testing Program

"CourtFact has set us apart from our competitors and given us a more professional reputation within our district"

Jenna Richardson
Compass Drug Screening Franchisee, Fort Myers, FL

"Our participants are not permitted to have phones while in the work release facility, so being able to use Client Portal on the computers in the facility allows them to still have communication with the case managers."

Work Release Director
Indiana County Community Corrections

"With open customization on reports, to a simple process on data entry, to easy communication with clients, CourtFact has allowed us to do more at an efficient rate."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

"Our teams have evaluated multiple platforms and CourtFact shows the most promise to help our company run more efficiently which is a win for all of our staff and stakeholders."

Royce McDonald
Chief Operating Officer, SCRAM of CA, NV, AZ, ID, HI

"It is so simple to use that my staff knew how to do most everything before we even attended training."

Illinois County Chief of Probation

"With open customization on reports, to a simple process on data entry, to easy communication with clients, CourtFact has allowed us to do more at an efficient rate."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

"I appreciate the opportunity to use it during a time of crisis. As we begin to look at how we will move forward, CourtFact is very much a part of that."

Illinois County Chief of Probation

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