The First Fully Customizable
Mobile Client Manager

For Agencies, Providers & Participants

Not Just Another Case Management Software
This is a Client Management Solution

CourtFact is a suite of products that allows courts, agencies, and Service Providers to communicate with and monitor compliance of their participant population. Using a robust software platform along with a client-facing smart phone application, CourtFact customizes the user experience down to every last detail to give supervising entities a truly unique experience geared toward individualized client outcomes.

Cases is CourtFact’s web-based software platform for courts and agencies. Separated into individual feature modules, the simple-to-use interface, can be customized for viewing preferences, set specific parameters for each feature module and use only those features necessary for each participant giving agency users control over the level of assistance and supervision for each individual participant.

Client Mobile is CourtFact’s client-facing smart phone application that keeps the agency in contact with the participants throughout their supervision process. Available on iOS and Android, Client Mobile puts all information necessary for the participant to be successful right in the palm of their hand. From direct communication to a managed schedule of events, participants can be armed with important information no matter where they are.

Client Portal: The Client-Focused
Online Web Service

Client Portal is CourtFact’s client-facing web service that allows clients to use and access most features available in Client Mobile. From two-way communication and caseload-wide messaging to periodic required reports and managing financial obligations, clients always have a way to access information and complete the necessary steps from their agency even if they do not have a smart phone.

CourtFact goes beyond individual courts and agencies and empowers entire organizations—both public and private—to have complete access to a number of programs within their structure. Using the Client Resource Management application, administrators have the ability to create and manage a number of entities under one common account. This makes managing more than one office or location as simple as managing one dashboard.

Screening: Complete Control over Your
Substance Testing Program

Screening by CourtFact allows both service providers and agencies to control every aspect of their substance testing programs. With flexible and customizable features at every level, organizations can control the types of tests administered, where clients can go to be tested, the randomization of testing schedules and many other aspects. With four check-in options for clients and daily reminders, Screening puts all accountability on clients to relieve the amount of follow-up by staff.

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