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Bridging the Gaps in Communication

Part of CourtFact’s “Every Participant” solution is to provide ways for courts, agencies and service providers to be able to eliminate issues such as lack of internet access or ability to procure a smart device.

Connect by CourtFact bridges those gaps by providing:


Name Brand Devices

Device Protection

Nationwide 4G Network

Minimum contract lengths required. Coverage on the Verizon network incurs higher costs. Agency assumes responsibility for each device provisioned to the agency and how the devices are used.

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Budget & Needs

per month
Features include:
per month
Includes Basic Features, plus:
per month
Includes Standard features plus:

Hear From Our Users

"The CourtFact staff know our business models because they are also a provider just like us. That helps more than anything else."

Multi-Facility Drug Testing Program

"I think the new app is Way better than the old app. Thank you."


"Our participants are not permitted to have phones while in the work release facility, so being able to use Client Portal on the computers in the facility allows them to still have communication with the case managers."

Work Release Director
Indiana County Community Corrections

"Great app, keeps me informed, and great at reminders."


"CourtFact allows us to track all of the details and events associated with each participant so that we can quickly respond to court inquiries and adjustments to their requirements."

Jenna Richardson
Compass Drug Screening Franchisee, Fort Myers, F

"Easier way to communicate with my case manager."


"I appreciate the opportunity to use it during a time of crisis. As we begin to look at how we will move forward, CourtFact is very much a part of that."

Illinois County Chief of Probation

"With open customization on reports, to a simple process on data entry, to easy communication with clients, CourtFact has allowed us to do more at an efficient rate."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

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CourtFact is a suite of products that allows courts, agencies, and Service Providers to communicate with and monitor compliance of their participant population.

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