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Seamless Location Monitoring

GPS hardware from leading manufacturers integrated into into CourtFact’s versatile client management platform enables effective individual monitoring, supporting innovative communication and compliance strategies for courts, agencies, and service providers.

Authorized users can seamlessly log in from any internet-connected device, without worrying about the need to use or download additional applications, for unrestricted access to all features.


CourtFact Location Monitoring has these advantages:

Auto-Prioritized Alerts

Efficiently manage call center operations with CourtFact's GPS Events Dashboard. Automatically prioritize alerts and customize viewing preferences for streamlined real-time monitoring.

Color-Coded Compliance Tracking

CourtFact GPS ensures precise compliance tracking with color-coded location display. Each point's compliance status is captured at acquisition, guaranteeing accuracy even with future zone modifications.

Our GPS Products

Explore the different features of each location monitoring solution that we offer.

Victim Notification

Omnilink OM500

The OM500 integrated into CourtFact’s Client Management Platform is an advanced, one-piece GPS tracking device that utilizes Satellite, Wi-Fi, and Cellular tracking to monitor client location and movement in the community.


Geosatis offers a unique range of expertise at every stage from product innovation and design all the way to customer solutions implementation and support. Headquartered in Switzerland, Geosatis and its partners make the best use of Swiss know-how in micro-mechanics and wearable devices.

Victim Notification Tools

CourtFact GPS provides a number of tools for community supervision, but also for survivors of intimate partner and domestic violence. It delievers timely notifications to victims via text, email, or phone call, utilizing objective system interpretation to identify potential infractions and deliver automated alerts without call-center delays.

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Budget & Needs

Each program includes:
Small Programs
1-50 Daily Units Active
Medium Programs
51-150 Daily Units Active
Large Programs
151+ Daily Units Active

Hear From Our Users

"Now, our options are growing and continuing to expand. [Having] the ability to manage Omnilink GPS directly in CourtFact is a game-changer."

Adam Wells and Kristy Griffin
Criminal Justice Services

"The CourtFact staff know our business models because they are also a provider just like us. That helps more than anything else."

Multi-Facility Drug Testing Program

"With open customization on reports, to a simple process on data entry, to easy communication with clients, CourtFact has allowed us to do more at an efficient rate."

JD Stevenson
Nationwide Electronic Monitoring

"Our teams have evaluated multiple platforms and CourtFact shows the most promise to help our company run more efficiently which is a win for all of our staff and stakeholders."

Royce McDonald
Chief Operating Officer, SCRAM of CA, NV, AZ, ID, HI

"CourtFact has set us apart from our competitors and given us a more professional reputation within our district."

Jenna Richardson
Compass Drug Screening Franchisee, Fort Myers, FL

"CourtFact is user-friendly and helps field staff quickly identify participant locations, possible violations, and monitor drug trends for the agency and county."

Kyle Turner
Home Detention & Intake Coordinator, TCCC

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CourtFact is a suite of products that allows courts, agencies, and Service Providers to communicate with and monitor compliance of their participant population.

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