Periodic Client Verification of Location & Activities

Participants sometimes need to attend certain obligations outside of the court or agency’s known schedules such as recovery meetings, community service or counseling. On occasions courts and agencies want to have the participant Check-In periodically throughout the day or when they come home for the night. With the Check-In module, participants can log a simple Check-In through Client Mobile that can be verified by the courts and agencies without the need to listen to voicemails, check email or handle live participant calls.

Features Include:

  • Allow participants to Check-In on their own anywhere, anytime with a couple taps
  • NEW! Schedule single or recurring fixed, random or anytime Check-Ins
  • Plot location of Check-In on an interactive map
  • On-Demand Check-In requests from courts and agencies to participants
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Track participants for a number of minutes following successful Check-In
    • Frequency of location point collection
    • Require a photo during Check-In
    • Default notification types for Check-In reminders
    • NEW! Set grace periods of scheduled Check-Ins
    • NEW! Optional agent email notification of missed Check-Ins

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