Agency-Managed Client Obligation Calendar

One of the most difficult tasks for a participant, especially if new to the judicial or treatment process, is to stay on track and in compliance with all their obligations. The Events module is an agency-managed scheduling system that allows case managers to enter important appointments, hearings or events for each participant in order to aid in the successful navigation of their assigned programs.

Features Include:

  • Entry of single and recurring Events days or months in advance of their occurring
  • Color-coding to easily recognize different types of Events
  • Indicators when participants using the Client Mobile product acknowledge Events
  • Common Locations database for the agency to make Event locations simple to add
  • Turn-by-turn directions for the participants to any Event from any location
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Time frames to identify compliance with Event acknowledgment by participants
    • Allow declining of Events
    • Allow client-creation of Events with optional notification to agency users
    • Default reminder times for each Event (customizable at the participant level)
    • Default reminder types of Push, Text and/or Email notifications (customizable at the participant level)

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