Client Costs & Fees Tracking for Agencies

One of the hardest tasks that sometimes falls on case workers or supervisors is to monitor and verify that participants are paying their required fees for court, probation, treatment or monitoring and testing services. Some costs are regular monthly fees but some costs change weekly or even be charged daily. The Financials module was built with flexibility and insights in mind.

Features Include:

  • Color-coded warning and critical statuses for delinquency
  • Automatic sorting of the most outstanding balances
  • Send push, text or email reminders with payment information
  • Integration with the Client Mobile application to allow participants to view and stay updated on what they owe
  • Multiple payment and accounting reports to identify trends in participant payment behavior
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Three-tier time frames to allow for reminder, warning and critical delinquency statuses
    • Customizable fee schedule database
    • Default costs per item associated to each agency (customizable at the participant level)
    • Automatic reminders to be sent when a status or time frame is triggered

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