Variable Client Authentication System Access

Of course, we want to secure our data as much as possible while at the same time ensuring that the proper people are using the system. With our Login module, agencies have the ability to select from three verification options for Client Mobile Logins from participants. From simple to sophisticated, the agency can determine how each participant will be verified upon Client Mobile Login which allows for varying levels of intensity in supervision.

Features Include:

  • Single level authentication with a unique participant ID and individual PIN
  • Dual level authentication using ID and PIN as well as a participant photo
  • Facial identity bio-authentication using state-of-the-art facial recognition software that gets embedded into each instance of the Client Mobile application and the Cases web-based software
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Ability to select one or all options to be used on any participants
    • Customizable Facial Assurance to allow for more, or less stringent matching of faces
    • Fallback PIN override for failed Facial ID attempt
    • Archived failed Facial ID bio-authentication attempts

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