Client Remote Reporting with Auto Prioritization

If we had the ability to meet with participants more frequently, we would probably do it. There are a number of reasons why it is not practical to meet with participants more than once a week or month, or perhaps it is just not needed. With our Reporting module, agencies can remotely question and evaluate participants with simple, short questionnaires that allow you to collect and update information on the fly.

Features Include:

  • Standard sets of questions available for a wide range of caseloads
  • Agency customizable templates and question sets
  • Ask trigger questions that force follow up by the participant and case worker
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Time frames to identify compliance with answering Reporting questions
    • Customizable frequency of Reporting
    • Use multiple Reporting templates for a single caseload or participant
    • Default reminders to participants to respond to the questions

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