Complete Control over Your Substance Testing Program

Currently in the market, if a service provider or agency wants to operate or administer a drug testing program they are tied to a software platform that is created by a drug testing lab or manufacturer of instant screening devices. Usually those platforms are dedicated to only the devices or services that those companies provide, have limited functionality or are simply a single solution software.

Screening by CourtFact can be used in conjunction with an existing CourtFact program for agencies, be a valuable part of the offering of service providers or as a standalone substance testing administration program. No matter the entity using the platform, the flexibility and customization is unrivaled.

Scheduling Made Easy

Easily manage unlimited schedules that offers flexibility and customization for varying risk levels for your caseload. Choose from:

  • Group schedules to define protocol
  • Client-specific random schedules
  • Client-specific fixed schedules
  • Client-specific individual test day schedule
  • On-demand testing for immediate testing

With the ability to define a number of aspects of each schedule; creating and managing groups adds an efficiency when setting up clients.

The feature flexibility in group schedules:
  • Custom naming conventions for each test per agency
  • Default test to be used for each group
  • Start and end dates for each group
  • Schedule types with fixed days or random days
  • Random schedules include ability to select a number of different options:
    • Test windows of  Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or any Number of Days
    • Number of tests to be flagged within each testing window
    • Schedule Reset Type which uses a proprietary algorithm to reset each testing window from the original start date or the date of the last flagged test giving you more randomization for your program and little chance that clients can decipher the timing or interval of testing protocols

Also create individualized, custom schedules for any clients. Apply more than one schedule to create overlapping of multiple protocols allowing you to enforce more than one type of testing providing for more randomization to keep the client guessing as to what type of test may be administered on a given day.

More Check-In Options

Move away for color groups and ensure that each client is tested on the frequency and window you choose. Using individualized client IDs instead of colors, each client can have a varying schedule while also maintaining mandated testing protocol.

Screening also has more client check-in options than any other platform available. Each check-in type requires the clients to affirm three specific requisites before they can proceed to check-in providing the agency with evidence that the client verified they understand the rules for a proper check-in.

Check-In Options:
  • CourtFact’s Client Mobile smartphone application which also provides:
    • The ability for agencies to require a photo upon check-in
    • A display of acceptable facilities’ locations and hours of operation
    • Turn-by-turn directions to acceptable testing facilities
  • CourtFact’s Client Portal web-based version of Client Mobile
  • CourtFact’s standalone check-in website
  • Phone check-in with optional toll-free or custom local number (where available)

But remembering to check-in is just one hurdle clients must overcome. Because of that, Screening has built in optional reminders for clients. Using a number of options including check-in windows, reminder start times and escalation protocols, organizations can start reminding clients to check-in for testing any time, and send persistent reminders as often as every 10 minutes until the client successfully completes a check-in. Screening sends reminders to clients using push notifications for Client Mobile users but also can send SMS text and even email reminders.

Customized Agency Settings

There is a full range of customizable settings for each agency so no two agencies need to be the same. Flexibility allows agencies to enforce their policy, procedure and protocol directly on the clients with whom they work. Being able to specify how each function within Screening operates, agencies will have access to a more focused program than they ever had before.

Agency Adjustable Parameters Include:
  • Creation of unlimited substance testing panels to allow for any number of test protocols
  • Selecting mandatory check-in days to require clients to perform check-ins even on days when testing does not occur
  • Selecting check-in cutoff time to restrict the window during which a client can successfully complete a check-in
  • Option to require a photo during check-in to add an additional layer of security and accountability (Client Mobile only)
  • Option to provide check-in reminders by push, text or email
  • Selecting start time of optional check-in reminders
  • Selecting frequency of optional check-in reminders
  • Specifying acceptable test facilities
  • Creation of unlimited group schedules

Autonomous Drug Lab Integration

CourtFact has teamed up with Redwood Toxicology and Beechtree Diagnostics to provide fully integrated solutions to accommodate all of your drug and substance testing needs. When paired with CourtFact’s Screening module, automated drug lab integrations save time and resources while keeping all of your client management data in one location.

Perform all actions without ever leaving the CourtFact platform
  • Order lab tests and confirmations
  • Produce and print requisition forms
  • Track shipping batches of multiple samples
  • Automatically receive returned result notifications
  • Review results and print completed color-coded reports

PharmChek Drugs of Abuse Patch

The PharmChek® Drugs of Abuse Sweat Patch by PharmChem allows continual monitoring of your drug dependent clients. Due to the solid construction of the patch, tampering is visibly evident.

Added operational efficiencies
  • Track patch applications, removals, & scheduling
  • Send clients reminders of appointments for new patches
  • Schedule fixed or random remote visual inspections
  • Directly import testing laboratory results and reports

Client Prescription Database

Oftentimes we have clients that have one or more prescriptions because of mental health issues, detox programs or any other number of reasons. Keeping track of those medications and any possible interactions with drug testing can be difficult. Screening by CourtFact allows you to build individual client prescription databases.

Keep track of active and inactive prescriptions by cataloging:
  • Drug Name
  • Strength of each dose
  • Quantity prescribed or left
  • Date filled
  • Number of refills remaining
  • Dosage instructions
  • Expected date of completion
  • Photo of the prescription or bottle
  • Active or inactive status

Each time a test is administered, the active prescriptions display to the collection technician with the dosage and expected date of completion. Prescriptions do not inactivate automatically giving control to the agency to be able to have visibility into any possible interaction as long as they deem necessary.

Instant Reporting

Whether service providers or agencies conduct their own testing or not, the ability to get reporting turned around quickly is a key to a number of programs, especially those that adhere to swift and certain sanctioning and rewarding protocol. That is why Screening by CourtFact has a number of built in instant and automated reports that are viewable, sendable and automatically reviewable.

Instant Results Immediately after Test Administration
  • Generate color-coded reports that identify positive, negative and invalid substances
  • Optional email notice to assigned agent
  • Optional PDF version attachment to emailed notice to agent
  • Optional personalized message to emailed notice to agent
  • Optional auto-review of the test results limiting the number of touches necessary
  • Optional file upload to allow for photos of instant screening results or other pertinent documents or images associated with the test results

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NOTE: If you are a client, you will not be contacted from this submission. Please discuss any concerns with your case manager or service provider. You can find additional information about using CourtFact Client Mobile here.

NOTE: If you are a client, you will not be contacted from this submission. Please discuss any concerns with your case manager or service provider. You can find additional information about troubleshooting here.

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