Attendance Verification for Important Events

Does the court or agency need a deeper level of compliance verification for Event attendance? Tracking allows agents to verify a point in time in which the participant was at the location of an Event, or uses a proprietary method of constantly tracking the participant’s smart phone even if the phone is not moving. This increased level of accountability can aid agencies in identifying participants that are not attending court or agency mandated Events at known locations and times.

Features Include:

  • Ability to restrict time and location for when and where a participant can successfully Verify Attendance
  • Tracking of participant before, during and after an Event
  • Dynamically decipher compliance with attendance to certain Events
  • Color-coded location points to help visually recognize compliance and location
  • Full range of agency-set parameters
    • Tracking radius around Event address
    • Customizable start and ending times before and after an Event’s timeframe
    • Frequency of location point collection
    • Selectable Compliance Percentage to determine the percentage of location points collected in the tracking radius during the timeframe of the Event to be considered complaint

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