We believe that proper communication and accountability tools should be cost-effective, priced so they are accessible to every participant and agency and value-driven so that agencies only pay for the features used for individual clients. Because of that we threw out the old models of a one-price fits all and decided to make the costs associated with using our platforms match exactly what was being utilized. Because of that we came up with pricing that allows unlimited participants, unlimited users and a la carte pricing for features and communication tools.

Module Instances

Each active module instance is charged on a per client, per month basis. Each module instance represents the use of a single feature per client. The cost per module instance includes any standard module available as well as unlimited push notifications to the Client Mobile application.

Modules Instances Cost Per Module Instance
100 Minimum $1.00 Each (Minimum Monthly Charge)
101-500 $1.00 Each
501-1,000 90¢ Each
1,001 – 3,000 75¢ Each
3,001 – 10,000 60¢ Each
10,001 + 50¢ Each

Data Allotments

Data Allotments are used for sending SMS text messages, individual email messages as well as transmitting any photos that are captured and sent by participants while using any of the modules that have optional photo collection. Each SMS text, email or photo counts as one piece of data.

Data Allotments are charged on a monthly basis and work similarly to data pools for cell phone plans where you select an allotment that is charged monthly regardless of the amount of use. Overage costs are applied for data usage over the selected Data Allotment.

Data Allotment Monthly Cost
500 Pieces of Data $15.00
1,000 Pieces of Data $25.00
2,000 Pieces of Data $40.00
Overage Per Piece of Data 5¢/SMS Text, Email or Photo

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