Client Mobile: Smartphone App

Gain Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Client Mobile is CourtFact’s smartphone application built for clients and participants. Giving you access to all the features assigned to you from your monitoring authority and your service provider, Client Mobile allows you to complete necessary requirements, keeps you on track with important events, obligations and appointments and provides you with valuable resources and information from your monitoring authority.

Available on both Apple’s App Store as well as Android’s Google Play, the application is free to download, free to use and protects your sensitive data and your privacy throughout your entire program. Ensuring that no personal or sensitive information is stored directly on your phone, Client Mobile connects you with all the information you need anywhere there is an internet connection.

Built to operate primarily on a smartphone, CourtFact’s Client Mobile can also be used on a tablet or even if you only have a smartphone connected to WiFi. As long as you can access the internet, you can use Client Mobile.

Never Miss a Reminder Again

Using Push Notifications, SMS Text Messages and E-mails sent to any address, the ability for you to make sure you get reminders and notifications no matter what is an integral part of making sure you are staying compliant and within program guidelines while using Client Mobile.

Your monitoring authority and service provider can reach out to you with important information, updates and reminders about just about anything. Maybe you got a new smartphone, or changed your number—no worries—your monitoring authority and service provider can send notices to your phone via push notification, to your phone number via text message or even send information directly to your email’s inbox. Of course the information is only as good as what is in the system, so make sure if you have any updates, you contact your monitoring authority or service provider.

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