Easy Hacks to Use the App

Just like with any piece of technology there are always tips and tricks to make using the technology easier. Here you will find a number of helpful hints on how to use Client Mobile by CourtFact to fulfill its potential so it can be a useful tool during your program participation. Some of the below items are requirements of your monitoring authority so we will do our best to identify those so you can ensure you are in compliance and using the platform the way the requirements dictate. It is always a good idea to review any program specific questions with your case manager.

When you are enrolled into the program you are assigned a unique Client ID and an initial PIN number. You can always change you PIN, but your Client ID will never change. You will need this information to login to Client Mobile and though Client Mobile locally stores your Client ID, if you wait too long between logins, you may have to input both pieces of information in order to access the system.

Though the CourtFact Client Mobile app does not store any private information on your personal device, it does remember your login protocol assigned to you by your monitoring authority. Client Mobile will remember most of your login information for you between sessions. However, we STRONGLY recommend NOT logging out of Client Mobile. Doing so will require you to basically do a complete “first login” attempt every single time you wish to access the system. Instead, just let CourtFact move to the background on your phone. It will automatically end your session after a couple minutes of inactivity anyway.

No matter if you use an apple product or are using the Android operating system, making sure that the notification options are set correctly will help you avoid unnecessarily missing important reminders. Remember, having notifications turned on for Client Mobile is a requirement of your program.

For iOS:
Settings >> Notifications >> CourtFact

  • Ensure that you have “Allow Notifications” toggled ON
  • We recommend Turning on alerts for the Lock Screen, Notifications Center and Banners
  • Set your banner style to “Persistent”
  • Toggle both Sounds and Badgers to ON

For Android:
Settings >> General >> Apps >> CourtFact

  • Ensure that the “Show Notification” option is ticked ON

Settings >> Sound >> Notifications >> Apps >> CourtFact

  • Ensure that the “None” option is ticked OFF
  • Ensure that the Priority option is ticked ON

CourtFact uses your location for specific functions and having your locations services turned on is a requirement of the program. Locations services aids in a number of functions when ensuring your compliance without your having to provide any direct information to your monitoring authority. Additionally, location services is used to help provide you directions to events and appointments. To ensure that location services are correctly activated follow the steps below.

For iOS:
Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services

  • Ensure “Location Services” is toggled ON
  • Scroll down to CourtFact >> Select Always or While Using the App
    • Tip: Setting this to Always will reduce the number of notifications you get

For Android:
Settings >> General >> Location

  • Ensure that Location is toggle ON

Your monitoring authority may be using facial ID to ensure that only you are logging into Client Mobile. If that is the case, you will only have to provide a selfie in order to login. We recommend using these tips when logging in if Client Mobile asks for a Photo Login:

  • Be in a well lit area without direct light on your face
  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • Remove any hats or hoods that might be covering your face
  • Do not have anything obstructing your face

The system will learn your face over time making your Facial ID logins faster, so it is important to take correct selfies at the beginning of your program.

Some users like to kill the app so it does not run in the background. You are required to keep the app open in the background of your device, but more importantly, if you kill the app, you will cause yourself to get more notifications than necessary which can get to be annoying.

CourtFact uses your location for specific functions as we mentioned earlier in the tips and tricks. You are required to allow CourtFact to use your location services while using the application. However, we strongly recommend changing the permission to always use your location so the application does not constantly ask you to log into the application. The application only uses your location when or after you interact with it. If you start the application in a cellular or location impaired area, then having the location services set to “always” will ensure you can login or check-in when you need to by using your last known location. To update your location services to “always” follow the steps below:

For iOS:
Settings >> CourtFact (in app list) >> Location 

  • Select “Always” when presented with the different options

For Android:
Settings >> General >> Location

  • Ensure that Location is toggle ON

Some environments do not have good cellular or location capabilities. These are usually large building, warehouses or factories. To prevent these things from happening, try turning on these options for the CourtFact app on your smartphone. Since each device is different you may have to search where these options are located, if you have them on your particular version of phone at all:

  • Toggle on the Motion & Fitness option on more recent versions of iPhone and Android
  • Toggle on the Background App Refresh to ensure the app can restart easily
  • Toggle on the Cellular Data option to ensure that you can receive all appropriate notifications

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