Like any smartphone application, the successful operation of  Client Mobile by CourtFact is contingent on the quality of the device and how updated the operating system is. Though we make every effort to ensure that Client Mobile will work correctly on as many devices as possible, we cannot ensure every device and operating system combination can be used successfully.

Below we have outlined the most common issues users encounter and how to properly correct the issues. 99% of the time it is how the application is being used, how it was installed, improper settings or an out-of-date operating system.

Client Mobile by CourtFact works on nearly all current smartphones and operating systems. We have tested devices that are up to 7 years old and despite some slow responses, the application operates just fine. Here are the minimum requirements for the application:

Apple Products:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
    • We recommend iPhone 5C or newer
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Android Products:

  • Compatible with most Android devices including those manufactured by Acer, Archos, Asus, Casio, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, ZTE and others
    • Some Motorola devices such as the Moto Z do experience initial login issues, but no problems after initial login.
  • Requires Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later

Possible issues:

  • You do not have your Location Services turned on correctly. Turn on location services for CourtFact Client Mobile.
  • You are using Client Mobile on a WiFi network that does not or is not allowing Geo location services to operate. Switch to cellular on your device, or allow geo location to be enabled on the network.
  • You are not connected to the internet at all. Activate WiFi or cellular on your device.

Remember that you must keep locations services fully activated in order to maintain compliance with the use of Client Mobile.

Possible Issues:

  • You are wearing something that covers your face fully or partially. Remove hats, sunglasses, hoods, etc.
  • You are cutting off part of your face when taking the selfie. Make sure your entire face is in the frame of the selfie you are taking.
  • You have an older phone with a limited camera or no flash. Stand in a well lit area to take the selfie
  • The photo may be blurry. Some older phones take a second or two to complete the photo. Do not pull the phone away until you see the resulting photo taken.

It is important to understand that if you receive a message that says “Face not recognized” you MUST change the photo. Sending the same photo through the system again will not yield a different result. Correct any potential issue as stated above and retake your photo and trying logging in again.

Possible issues:

  • The Client ID was typed incorrectly. Though the Client ID is not case sensitive, do make sure you are typing it correctly as sometimes weird spellchecks can override your input. The format is any combination of six letters and numbers such as: A1B2C3.
  • The PIN was typed incorrectly. Did you recently change your PIN and forgot to use the new one? Also, the PIN is only numerical, so make sure no letters were typed.

For security reasons, your Client ID and PIN cannot be (or should not be) provided over the phone, however, it is up to your case manager as to how to provide that information to you.

Possible Issues

  • You have a security app on your device that is not allowing local storage of your Client ID. Try disabling that app or adjust the setting to not effect Client Mobile by CourtFact.
  • You are logging into the app too infrequently. Different monitoring authorities will have different protocol, but if you go too long between logins, you will be required to confirm all information again; that is just part of the security features.
  • When exiting the application your are clearing it or logging out. Do not ever log out of the app. The app relies on your usage in order to ensure your compliance is transmitted to your monitoring authority. Logging out or exiting the app can jeopardize your compliance and cause more notifications to be sent to your device.

Possible issues:

  • You have completely exited or logged out of the app. Log back in and do not completely close down the app.
  • You set your phone down and walked away. On some devices we use the built in accelerometer or gyroscope to see if the device is moving. Pick up the device and keep it in your pocket.
  • Your location services have been disabled or are not working. Re-enable your location services or join a network that allows geo location.

Possible issues

  • You may be in an internet impaired area. Try switching networks (cellular or WiFi) or try going to an area with better signal.
  • The app may have tried to update since your last login. Just exit (kill) the app and tap the icon to restart.
  • The app may have been shutdown improperly the last time you used it. Remember not to logout or completely close the app. Just exit (kill) the app and tap the icon to restart.
  • The app needs to be updated but you have automatic updates off. Check to see if there is a pending update and if so, update the app. The app, for security reasons, will not allow you to login unless your application is the most up to date version.
  • The app was still active, but your case manager made a change to your account while the app was active. Just exit (kill) the app and tap the icon to restart.
  • If all else fails, uninstall the app and reinstall. Don’t worry, none of your information will be lost. However, you will have to completely login with all of your credentials.

If the problem persists, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will not effect any other functions or your compliance with the program.

Possible issues:

  • The feature was added while you were actively in the app. Just exit (kill) the app and tap on the app icon to restart and login.
  • The feature was added while your last session was still active in the background. Just exit (kill) the app and tap on the app icon to restart and login.
  • Your case manager accidentally activated the feature for the wrong client. Contact your case manager and verify that the feature was added to your account. Make sure to have your unique Client ID handy to verify just in case you have a common name that may have been mistaken for another client.

It can take up to five minutes for a new feature to appear once activated by your case manager. Try back in five minutes if none of the above resolve the issue.

Possible reasons:

  • Your case manager sent you a new discussion message. Enter the Discussions module and if you do not see a new message then simply pull down the list and release. That will refresh the Discussions list.

Possible reasons:

  • CourtFact uses your location services to ensure the application is running properly and it is able to locate you when you login, check-in or verify your attendance at an event. Since not all phones have an acceleromter (can tell you are moving) or a gyroscope (can tell what direction your phone is pointing) you may not see this message, however, if you do it is a good idea to give CourtFact permission to use your activity so you do not get constant reminders to login to the app.

Steps to help us fix the issue:

  1. Access the menu by clicking the menu button in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Scroll down to the “Diagnostics” option and tap it
  3. Once on the Diagnostics page, tap the “Submit App Error Logs”
  4. Wait until the Success message appears and tap “OK”

If you do not see the Diagnostics option, then it has not been turned on for your account. Contact your service provider to ensure the option gets turned on.

This will send us the error logs generated by your application. You can fill out the form on this page to let us know when you submitted the error logs to help us track down the issue. In most case, the logs indicate an issue with your operating system or instance of the application, but we use this information to continually improve how the application interacts with different versions of operating systems.

Last Resort…

If after reviewing all of the items above, you are still having issues use the form on this page to submit a support request. It is important to contact your case manager from your agency or a representative from your service provider before contacting CourtFact for support. We CANNOT provide your login credentials to you, so if you are missing your credentials, please contact your agency, case manager or service provider.

Please detail the issue you are having as accurately as possible. There is a minimum of 20 words.
Provide a screen shot of the issue you are having