CourtFact provides a number of solutions for communication between the Partners and their clients. Each of the platform solutions to communicate with clients comes at NO ADDITIONAL cost to Partners.

Client Mobile

  • A smartphone-based mobile application that is free to download and use for all clients
  • Client Mobile allows integration for both the Partner CRM and the Cases software allowing you and your courts to seamlessly share a client without forcing the client to have multiple applications loaded to their phones
  • Security-focused applications force clients to use Client Mobile when attempting to access information from a mobile-enabled device so the client experience is not diminished

Client Portal

  • A web-based version of our intuitive Client Mobile smartphone application
  • Allows a client to access their account from any computer anywhere in the world with just their Client ID and Personalize Identification Number (PIN)
  • Allows most CRM and Cases platform features to operate without the need for a client to have a smartphone and expensive cellular plan

What if your clients will not use Client Mobile or Client Portal?

All is not lost! Most reminder functionality and messaging systems allow the client to receive important information from other means. You have the ability to setup and use both text messaging and email to communicate with clients. This is especially handy for those clients that claim to not have a smartphone.

Setup is easy and the costs for communicating with clients using text and email are very low. You can use text and email to notify clients of:

  • Payments due or past due and how much they owe
  • Dates and times of upcoming Appointments
  • Appointment additions, changes or deletions
  • Messages that you send out to groups of clients

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