Location Monitoring Integrated with Client Management

GPS Monitoring that seamlessly pairs with CourtFact’s communication and compliance tools for Community Supervision Professionals.

Omnilink® GPS integrated into CourtFact’s versatile client management platform gives courts, agencies, and service providers the ability to effectively monitor individuals while employing innovative communication and compliance monitoring strategies.  With the built-in capability to step-up or step-down monitoring protocols, CourtFact’s GPS monitoring platform gives community supervision professionals the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of risk levels across their caseloads.

Features Include:
  • Compliance icon & color-coded client & alert dashboards
  • Automatic sorting of alerts based on six individual criteria
  • 24/7 alert monitoring platform with automatic note recall
  • Virtual call center system for specifically selected alerts
  • Multiple status tiers for battery, comms, & location alerts
  • Full-screen interactive live & historic location mapping
  • On-demand device history chronicling each device update
  • Agency selectable thresholds for zone alert generation
  • Color-coded listing & map display to identify zone types
  • Agency-level zone groups for easy multi-zone assignment

Universal Platform Accessibility From Any Internet-Connect Device

Whether in the office, working remotely, or out in the field, CourtFact’s integrated GPS platform is able to be accessed from any Internet-connected device. Without the need to use or download additional applications, authorized users can open any of the compatible browsers and login to have unrestricted access to every feature.

Auto-Prioritized Alerts on an Intuitive Call Center Dashboard

Using advanced filtering, automatic sorting based on alert priority and the ability to customize each user’s viewing preferences, the CourtFact GPS Events Dashboard allows for real-time call center operations and activities.

  • User-customizable searching, filtering, & sorting
  • Alert suspension, countdown, & auto-resolution
  • Notate or resolve different alerts simultaneously
  • Address alerts across multiple clients at one time
  • Timer indicates how long each alert was active
  • Export view into downloadable PDF or CSV files
  • GPS specific note retrieval without leaving the page

Color-Coded Location Display Identifies Compliance of Each Point

CourtFact GPS collects, processes, and stores all location data with each point’s compliance at the time of acquisition. Multicolored points ensure that all reports, displays, and output of historical data will always accurately identify the compliance of each stored location even if zones are renamed, modified, or deleted in the future.

Omnilink OM500

The OM500 integrated into CourtFact’s Client Management Platform is an advanced, one-piece GPS tracking device that uses Satellite, Wi-Fi, and Cellular location tracking technologies to effectively monitor a client’s location and movement throughout the community.

The OM500 has advantages over other devices:
  • Advanced tamper proof and water resistant features
  • Allows vibration, tone, & LED flash notices to the client
  • 72+ hours of battery life on an aggressive rate plan
  • GPS location with Wi-Fi & cell tower assisted points
  • Low-profile design, easily hidden under a pants leg

Victim Notification

CourtFact GPS provides a number of tools for community supervision, but also for survivors of intimate partner and domestic violence. Though no tool is a replacement for being vigilant, CourtFact helps by providing information to victims whenever possible. By providing notifications by text message, email, and/or phone call, CourtFact relies on objective system interpretation of possible infractions and notifies victims through an automated system which carries no call-center related delays.

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NOTE: If you are a client, you will not be contacted from this submission. Please discuss any concerns with your case manager or service provider. You can find additional information about troubleshooting here.

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