Client Resource Manager

Created by a Service Provider
for Service Providers.

Not your typical sales- or marketing-based CRM

Created by a Service Provider for Service Providers, CourtFact’s Client Resource Manager (CRM) is not your typical sales- or marketing-based CRM. Our focus is providing your operation with the tools to make the best Client experience available.

Oftentimes our Clients are experiencing one of the most difficult times in their lives; they are in trouble, they are not sure what the outcome of their situation will be and frankly they do not know how to navigate the world they are thrust into a lot of times. Our jobs as Service Providers are to help clients progress through their programs as easily as we can while promoting their ability to stay compliant. If clients stay on track and in compliance, they avoid further repercussions, we as Service Providers reduce our operational expense and courts and agencies do not get bogged down with additional work. Those specific positive details help position us as vital players in the process and further embed us with our partner courts and agencies.

Empower Your Organization

CourtFact goes beyond individual courts and agencies and empowers entire organizations—both public and private—to have complete access to a number of programs within their structure. Using the CRM as a Service Provider gives you a number of command and control options in the marketplace.

Position Your Company:

  • As the technology leader in your space

  • As a company that cares about the outcomes of your Clients

  • As a Client-focused operation concerned about Client experience

  • As a resource for tools that courts, and agencies can use to improve their operations

  • As a total solution source for courts and agencies across a number of product verticals

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